About Minnesota Then

Uncover the state's vibrant past, today

Welcome to Minnesota Then

We offer a variety of immersive and engaging experiences that help bring Minnesota's past to life. Explore at your own pace with self-guided tours, travel the state visiting our Museum Without Walls, test your knowledge with trivia games, and more.

"Minnesota Then brings the past to life through my phone, making learning about local history an exciting adventure."

Bill Larrabee, St. Paulite

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of Minnesotans by making local history accessible, engaging, and educational through immersive experiences and digital storytelling.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower every Minnesotan by utilizing technology to create an inclusive, immersive, and enlightening journey through local history.

About Us

Who We Are

Minnesota Then was created by Matt Reicher. He has a BA in History from Metropolitan State and a MA in Museum Studies from Oklahoma University.

What We Do

We make local history accessible using technology to help bring the past into the present with virtual exhibits, self-guided tours, and more.

Where We Work

Minnesota Then is a museum without walls, offering access to exhibits statewide to anyone with cell service and a sense of adventure.

When We Started

The idea for Minnesota Then started in grad school. It was born out of the museum "pop-up" exhibit movement, attempting to give people access to history anywhere, anytime. This current iteration, with its web app, began in 2022.

Why We Do It

Accessibility means everything. We want to create a space where people can learn about Minnesota history regardless of where they live or how much money they have. We aspire to help create the next generation of local history geeks.

Our Services


Explore history anytime, anywhere with our Museum Without Walls statewide exhibits and self-guided tours, both core tenets of what we do.

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Educational Programs
Educational Programs

Discover engaging educational programs, including our fun trivia game, designed to educate learners of all ages about Minnesota's history.

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Research & Collections
Research & Collections

View our education resources, including a curated collection of historical materials and an insightful blog on Minnesota's past.

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