About Minnesota Then

Exploring Minnesota's history through immersive experiences.

About Us

Minnesota Then is where Minnesota's past comes to life. We're on a mission to make history more than just words on a page; we want it to be a living, breathing part of your world. We do that through self-guided local history tours and the Minnesota Then Beer and Brewing History Museum.

Our belief is simple: history isn't confined to textbooks or lecture halls. It's all around us, in the soil beneath our feet, the air we breathe, and the communities we call home. Our ‘building’ has no walls – it’s the entire state.

At Minnesota Then, we're dedicated to innovative storytelling and immersive experiences that connect you to our state's history. We invite you to step back in time with us, as we unearth forgotten stories, celebrate unsung heroes, and explore events that have helped shaped Minnesota.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of Minnesotans by making local history accessible, engaging, and educational through immersive experiences and digital storytelling.


To inspire and empower every Minnesotan by utilizing technology to create an inclusive, immersive, and enlightening journey through local history. We envision a future where every person can easily engage with their community’s past.

In the News

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Minnesota Then Launches Online Self-Guided History Tour (NewsBreak)

Explore our newly launched online self-guided history tour web application.

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"I was amazed to find so much history hidden right in my neighborhood."

Bill Larrabee
St. Paul

"The interactive tours are really interesting."

Julie Kraai

"This is a great way to learn local history."

Dan Meissler