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Article 1

Kidnapping of William Hamm Jr. (June 15-19, 1933)

Hamm’s Brewing Co. President William Hamm Jr., grandson of Theodore Hamm, was abducted near his office in St. Paul on June 15, 1933.

Article 2: Nina Clifford

Clifford, Nina (1851 - 1929)

Nina (NINE-ah) Clifford’s story began to unfold years before arriving in St. Paul. But it was here she truly rose to prominence.

Spotlight on Saint Paul


Larsen, Michael "Eyedea" (1981 - 2010)

In 2001, Eyedea & Abilities unveiled their debut album, "First Born," a project that showcased Larsen's philosophical and introspective lyrical style ...

Hamm Mansion

Hamm Mansion (c. 1886 - 1954)

Overlooking Swede Hollow, the picturesque Theodore Hamm mansion was a crown jewel of the east side of St. Paul ...

Hubert H Humphrey

Humphrey, Hubert H. (1911 - 1978)

Hubert H. Humphrey, a towering figure in American politics during the mid-20th century, left an indelible mark on history...

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