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Minnesota Then Tour Tutorial

Understanding how to navigate the tour process

Explore with Ease

A guide to navigating our self-guided tours

Choose a Tour

Step 1: Choose a Tour

Select a tour that interests you from our list of available tours. To do that, navigate from the website’s main page to the tour selection page. Once there, simply choose the tour you’d like to take from the list of available options.

Agree to the Conditions

Step 2: Agree to the Conditions

Read and agree to the conditions of the tour to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Safety is of the utmost importance. By agreeing you commit to maintaining safety throughout your tour.

Begin the Tour

Step 3: Begin the Tour

Start your adventure by visiting the first location indicated on your tour map page. You will see a red marker representing your current location (you) and a series of numbered markers denoting each tour stop.

Follow the Map

Step 4: Follow the Map

Use the provided map to navigate to each location on your tour.

Visit a Location

Step 5: Visit a Location

When you get within range of a tour stop, a new page will automatically open. There you will find detailed historical information related to the site. View images and play the accompanying MP3 audio file to learn about the location. Return to the map to continue touring.

Complete the Tour

Step 5: Complete the Tour

Explore as many locations as you'd like, and when you're ready, end your tour. We encourage you to share your experiences with others.

Ready to explore? Choose a tour and begin your adventure!